Ermintrude Smith

Ermintrude Smith

This street scene is constructed with a long mechanical sequence.

At the top of the piece a cockerel on a weather vane spins from side to side, and below the church bells ring. Further down laundry which is strung up between the houses flaps intermittently in the wind. Ermintrude herself draws deeply on her pipe, her head resting on a suitcase. She is lit by a street lamp and the windows in the houses glow. Underneath her, a further scene is revealed when the door is opened. Lit by another tiny light which comes on as the handle is cranked, we see a goat chewing its way through a library of books. The lights in this piece all run off a dynamo which is powered by the turning of the handle.

The text on the inside of the hinged door reads:-

Ermintrude Smith bicycles around the country providing trombone playing, type-writing and tool-sharpening services.

Height 90 cm
Width 35 cm (including handle)
Depth 18 cm

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