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Love Birds

£300 edition More details to follow Continue reading

Saftey Matches

Saftey Matches (edition)

Saftey Matches (edition) £110 Details to follow Continue reading

Secretary Bird

Secretary Bird

  £350 – Details to follow Continue reading

101 Seed Cake Recipes

101 Seed Cake Recipes

Measures: 12cm by 8cm by 8cm Continue reading

Ocypetete The Harpy

Ocypete The Harpy

The whole title across the front reads: Once A Year Ocypete The Harpy Visits Her Sister In Marbella Continue reading

Urban Myth

Another Disappointing Urban Myth

The writing around the edge of the tin reads: “The harpy Ocypete struggles to come to terms with the role (and diversions) of modern woman." Continue reading