I was born in Fishguard in south west Wales in 1981. I did a sculpture degree at Falmouth College of Arts from which I graduated  in 2004, and then worked for a recycling company, as a labourer on an organic farm and finally as a waitress. At this point it occurred to me that an art degree left me qualified for very little, so I thought I'd return to making things. I spent some time teaching myself to carve marionettes, but found the idea of figures which could be made to perform, and to act out a scene by anyone at all, even more appealing. I made my first automaton in 2009.

I work mainly in wood, old tins and small items of the sort found at the back of sheds, having a fascination with the use to which beautifully made but now often obsolete things may be put. The pieces have become increasingly colourful and seem to have recurring themes of naked women, harpies, birds, buildings and bikes.

I'm obsessive about detail and always find it hard to stop, as I try to illustrate a little of the everyday, the wry and the weird, getting further and further drawn in by all the possibilities, trying to create small pockets of time from which people might briefly forget to emerge.

Recently I've been adding dynamos to my work to run sound and light- the range of things that can be achieved merely by the turning of a handle intrigues me, and hopefully helps to give a piece its own atmosphere. It would be wonderful to create automata which appear utterly haphazard yet elegant and thoughtful, both aesthetically and mechanically. I hope to get there one day.